Re: [cc65] Uniform mass storage device discovery and file locations

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-09-05 11:46:18

> Those issues are why CBM-Command does it at a higher level (OPEN, CLOSE,
> READST).  Look at "driveRoutines.s":

Finally I found the time to actually (try to) implement a C64 mass
storage device discovery this way.It generally works as designed but I
have an issue...

Further above in this thread it was said:

> Actually /above/ #7, meaning 8-31

However when I try to do the "OPEN/CLOSE/READST" thingy with device 31
the whole thing hangs up :-(

Interestingly the code in says:

"cpy #31; are we done? (acceptable range of 8 to 30)"

So there seems something special with device 31...

BTW: The code above says too:

"disable polling of serial device #14"

Is there probably something to be taken care of here too?

Thanks in advance, Oliver
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