Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2012-07-15 23:06:34
On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 04:49:07PM +0200, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> > To make this even easier, I've moved the "_filetype" variable into a separate
> > module that contains nothing else.
> That's sort of a prerequisite of my proposal. 
Not necessarily. One could have replaced the module that contained _filetype
and the other variables.

> The question now is if
> an additional module (or even two) with a different value is placed in
> an 'extra' directory.

I don't know if I understand that correctly, but at least I will not supply
any additional modules. I don't consider the whole thing important enough.
Not even after a mega discussion like the one we had:-)



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