Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2012-07-06 18:42:45
On Friday 06 July 2012, you wrote:
> I'd like to learn some more...
> I think I understood that LOAD is the only Kernal call doing a "mass
> transfer" of data from disk - in contrast to the "other" single byte
> calls - correct?

load and save, yes.
> And according to the discussion here LOAD is only applicable to PRG
> files - correct?

actually, no - it only works on prg files by default :) you can also load an 
SEQ file (by appending ,s,r to the filename) - however, then the first two 
bytes of the SEQ file must be a valid load address.

> I believe that "usually" a PRG file starts with A two btye load addr.

thats just needed if you actually want to use load on them :) but most 
probably have one, yes.

> I seem to remember that we talked about this here already. I sort of
> remember that those first two bytes can't be read by LOAD so one would
> need to "read" them in the "usual" way and then LOAD the rest. Or one
> would need to add two dummy bytes to the file in order to be able to
> LOAD the actual content. As far as I understand all this has to be
> taken care of by the programmer - the cc65 C library doesn't do so.
> So it seems to me that in order to actually benefit from PRG files so
> much has to be done manually that setting the cc65 filetype to 'p'
> seems only a very minor additional step.

sure, small thing :=)

> But if a programmer doesn't want to use LOAD but probably even stay
> with the POSIX stuff then he won't benefit from PRG and thus SEQ seems
> the better default - keeping CBM-specific stuff from the source code.

how is PRG cbm specific? and why would SEQ be better? they are *exactly the 
same* - except for that one byte in the directory that makes it SEQ or PRG

> Maybe I'm missing an important point but from the arguments I
> understand so far the decision seem easy to me.

point: PRG is used in most cases. there is no backdraw in using prg.

did someone already add to the confusion that SEQ files usually are expected 
to contain petscii text, not arbitrary dats? =P


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