Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: <>
Date: 2012-07-05 13:26:42
On 2012-07-05, at 11:55, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> - However according to what you write the most meaningful default for
> cc65 would be USR. But I've learned that the most popular use of the
> USR type was by GEOS for their "non-CBM-standard-files" so that it
> became a common behaviour for file utiliies to stay clear from USR
> files in order to not break GEOS files. But cc65 files are totally
> usual CBM-standard-files so typing them as USR makes things
> unnecessarily complicated. Therefore SEQ is a better choice -> rather
> compatibility argumentation.

With GEOS it was a good choice. Actually the whole GEOS thing is an impressive achievement and one well thought out in most areas too ;-) It was a good choice because they created a very special type of file, which couldn't be handled by regular DOS commands. In such case choosing USR as DOS filetype was a clear signal: you don't know how to handle them so stay away from trying to fiddle with them ;-)


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