Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-07-05 11:55:53
Hi Markus,

> Just my 2 cent. [...]

As a non-CBM insider it seems to me that the arguments run on two
different levels. One level is about doing it "correctly" along the
specs. The other level is about meeting expectations and
compatibility. And you can even mix both levels to create you own
truth. As an example my two cents:

- I too believe that something non-LOADable and non-RUNable shouldn't
have the extension PRG. A (probably stupid) example: The downloadable
Contiki disk images (at least currently) have to contain the file
'contiki.cfg' (which is read and written by cc65) as first file. If it
would be a PRG file then LOAD"*",8,1 wouldn't be possible -> rather
specs argumentation.

- However according to what you write the most meaningful default for
cc65 would be USR. But I've learned that the most popular use of the
USR type was by GEOS for their "non-CBM-standard-files" so that it
became a common behaviour for file utiliies to stay clear from USR
files in order to not break GEOS files. But cc65 files are totally
usual CBM-standard-files so typing them as USR makes things
unnecessarily complicated. Therefore SEQ is a better choice -> rather
compatibility argumentation.

If one would want to make it really along the specs one would probably
want to introduce O_BINARY and O_TEXT for open() and create USR and
SEQ based on that. That would probably make sense on Apple ProDOS 8
too allowing to create BIN and TXT files.

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