From: David Schmidt <david46021gmail.com>
Date: 2011-12-11 19:58:50
I'm having some trouble with ca65 on Windows (apparently) getting it
to recognize the .P816 directive.  I am starting with a simple


ca65 V2.13.0 will assemble this without complaint.  I have a February,
2011 build that I have been using all year for a straight 6502
project, and I just downloaded V2.13.9_20111208 to try also.  Both of
the 2011 versions of ca65 seem to not understand the xce mnemonic -
it's thinking it's a label:

Error: `:' expected

On Mac OSX, the February 2011 version of ca65 seems to understand and
assemble correctly.  What might I be doing wrong on the Windows side?
This seems like a very straightforward test.  This is on 32 bit
Windows 7, if it makes a difference.

Windows ca65 V2.13.0: succeeds
Windows ca65 V2.13.9 (Feb 2011): fails
Windows ca65 V2.13.9 (20111208): fails

Mac OSX ca65 V2.13.0: succeeds
Mac OSX ca65 V2.13.9 (Feb 2011): succeeds

(I think my original query went into the bitbucket, so I'm trying this
from my Google mail address... apologies if it eventually appears

- David
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