Re: [cc65] Reusing memory segment?

From: Joseph Rose <>
Date: 2011-11-22 19:29:07
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From: Karri Kaksonen <>
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Subject: Re: [cc65] Reusing memory segment?

On 11/22/2011 04:43 PM, Joseph Rose wrote: 
Let's say I'm working on a big project and need a temporary buffer and can reuse the same section of memory (i.e. CBM tape buffers) for several different purposes.  Rather than access the memory through a pointer, I'd like to use an absolute address.  How do I do that?
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Create a segment for that purpose and give it an absolute address.

In the configuration file:

    BUF1: start = $2400, size = $122C, define = yes, file = %O;
    BUF2: start = $2400, size = $122C, define = yes, file = %O;

    TAPEBUFFER: load = BUF1, type = rw, define = yes;
    TEMPBUFFER: load = BUF2, type = rw, define = yes;

Later in the code you can use these buffers like this:

cc65 --data-segment=TAPEBUFFER tapebuffer.c

cc65 --data-segment=TEMPBUFFER tempbuffer.c

Inside tapebuffer.c you can then allocate space for your data.

int abc;
char name[48];

In tempbuffer.c you can allocate some other data.

char b;
char c;
int d[10];

In this way you don't need pointers as the linker will take care of re-using the space.

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