Re: [cc65] Compiler Issue

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-04-12 22:10:25
Hi Uz,

> This has been broken since ages (version 2.4 or similar) and no one has
> complained so I almost forgot about it:-)

That's mor or less what I guessed ;-)

> The compiler can be fixed for the code shown above with not too much effort.
> But the code you posted is a different thing, because it would be required to
> move allocation of variables to the top of the function, and this doesn't
> really fit into the compiler as it is now.

I see. Again sort of what I guessed... Just to make sure: I am _not_
working on a project relying on that issue fixed !

> Maybe I can at least make this an
> error ..

Sounds reasonable to me - and/or maybe an entry in

> Thanks for the report!

You're welcome :-)

In case you're interested: Today I noticed that the 6502-specific
implementation of our 'Local Continuations' used in Contiki don't work
with variables in local blocks:;a=blob_plain;f=cpu/6502/sys/lc-asm.S;hb=HEAD

After understanding why it doesn't work (and then removing all
variables in local blocks inside functions using Local Continuations)
I was just curious to see if you built some "workaround" into the
"official" goto statement...

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