Re: [cc65] Bounty for Soft-80 CONIO Library for C64

From: <>
Date: 2010-06-28 15:52:25
On 2010-06-28, at 15:38, Payton Byrd wrote:

> I'm seriously considering seeding a bounty for a Software 80-column  
> library for the C64 that is exposed via CONIO and would be a drop-in  
> replacement for the 40-column CONIO functionality of the C64 in  
> cc65.  I know there are a lot of talented C64 programmers out there  
> that could produce this library.

I recall Soci (still reading this mailing list?) had possibly the  
fastest implementation of software 80-col on the planet. If this could  
be turned into elegant, structured code for cc65, it would be true  
asset IMHO.

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