[cc65] Bounty for Soft-80 CONIO Library for C64

From: Payton Byrd <plbyrd1gmail.com>
Date: 2010-06-28 15:38:12
I'm seriously considering seeding a bounty for a Software 80-column library
for the C64 that is exposed via CONIO and would be a drop-in replacement for
the 40-column CONIO functionality of the C64 in cc65.  I know there are a
lot of talented C64 programmers out there that could produce this library.
 Here's the official requirements as I see them.  This is completely open to
debate (it's encouraged).

1) Must provide 1-to-1 implementation of all CONIO functionality currently
provided by cc65 on the C64.
2) Must be written in relocatable assembler and compiled into a library
using the cc65 tool chain.
3) Must be permissively licensed under the BSD license so that it may be
redistributed without supplying sources for the host project.
4) Must allow custom character sets including full documentation on the
character set format.
5) Must provide the following demo programs:

Payton Byrd

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