Re: [cc65] Customization of cc65 for new targets

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-17 20:53:51
Hi Bruce,

> I have not changed the fastcall vs. __fastcall__ discrepancy in the text
> because I'm not sure what the difference is (I think it has to do with
> whether the fastcall behavior could be overridden by a command line switch).

I'm pretty sure that fastcall and __fastcall__ are identical. It's
just unnecessarily confusing to have them mixed. Soryy for not making
this clear in the first place.

> Are there any other changes anyone would like to see in this document?

If the guide targets not only bare-metal (or rather bare-virtual-metal
in your case ;-)) developers I'd really like to see the zeropage
memory area size reduced from $100 to $1A. This is the ammount of
zeropage space used by cc65. And the config file doesn't describe
what's there but describes what's used. Just the same with the RAM
area starting at $200 instead of $0. For any target running inside an
OS and/or BASIC environment coordinating the zeropage space usage is
crucial and therefore it would help a newbie a lot to understand how
much zeropage locations cc65 needs. If you check out the existing
configurations you'll notice that they all have a zeropage size of

Best, Oliver
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