Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: <>
Date: 2010-01-31 13:18:18
On 2010-01-31, at 10:23, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

>> I wrote several programs with mouse interface, and (unless you are
>> writing a word processor) it hardly ever interferes with keyboard entry.
> Unfortunately Contiki is such a case. It works like you'd expect from
> a GUI: You click on a widget to activate it. If the widget is a
> textentry control it receives all keystrokes - and there you are :-(

So it probably gets one event too much (does not discard the button/key press before activating the widget). I had similar situations but I (forgot to add earlier - probably seemed obvious to me) was always using custom keyscanning for identifying the key events I was interested in. Only after left-clicking (or pressing the space bar! :-) AND releasing the button/key over the gadget I switched to the regular keyscanning for text entry. If you are talking ConTiki though - the problem might be that you'd have to dump the portability and write custom code, which would only apply to specific target. But since (I guess) various ConTiki versions are already having a lot of non-platform-agnostic stuff, it might not be a complete show stopper... HTH.


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