Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-01-31 10:23:14
Hi all,

First of all thanks for very quick and very helpful answers :-)


> This is usually not the expected behaviour but it is the one we learned to live with.

I see ;-)

> I wrote several programs with mouse interface, and (unless you are
> writing a word processor) it hardly ever interferes with keyboard entry.

Unfortunately Contiki is such a case. It works like you'd expect from
a GUI: You click on a widget to activate it. If the widget is a
textentry control it receives all keystrokes - and there you are :-(


> I keep getting the idea that I should find that old code, and add it to
> CC65's drivers.  But, I always forget about it, an hour later. :-(
> (Maybe, if I keep your flagged letter in my mailbox, it will "kick" me
> enough times that I finally will do what I should have done years ago!)

As far as I understand that would be very desirable because any
workaround on application level counteract the cc65 maxim of target


> - rework the interrupt handler and make it so the kernal keyboard scanner gets
> called first, before any other "user" handlers (ie, the mouse driver). (this
> practically means calling the respective kernal routine manually, and end the
> irq in jmp ea81 instead ea81. or sth :))
> - now in the mouse driver, check the button and if pressed, set $c5 (number of
> keys in keyboard buffer) to 0.
> (alternative: call mouse driver in irq first, and then at the end of irq, if
> button was pressed, simply skip the keyboard scanner by jumping to ea81
> instead of ea31.)

To be honest I don't understand exactly what you mean. This time it's
me being amazed by the properties of "the other" machine. Things like
reading the keyboard "from two directions" sound like voodoo to me ;-)

The only thing I can say is that I see myself as a user here and from
that perspective any solution that makes those phantom keys go away is

Again thanks, Oliver
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