Re: [cc65] Memory impact of Atari library compile time defines

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2009-11-26 17:16:09
On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 08:47:15PM +0100, Christian Grössler wrote:
> But if the program should work on Unix or Windows, too, this toupper
> call would be bad. (On Windows maybe not so much, since it would
> only affect files which are created because of the case insensitivity
> of the file system, and the problem would only be cosmetical.)

Ok, that's a valid argument.

> In my opinion, if I build a program and run into problems, but have the
> source for the runtime library available, tweaking the runtime library
> is not that a big deal.

Actually it may become one. If you're tweaking the runtime library, you're
cutting off yourself from any improvements or incompatible changes made. Just
look at the modified startup files for older versions of cc65 that don't work
with 2.13 any longer.

> To wrap it up, I'll split tasks a) and b) into separate defines, and
> let the community (you :-)) decide which ones should be enabled by
> default.

I see the portability argument (thanks for pointing this out), so contrary
what I wrote before, I do now opt to leave the uppercasing in place. I'm still
concerned about the size of the routine, but maybe we can get this under
control by other measures.

Another idea (just for discussion) is to supply two modules: A do-nothing one,
which is enabled by default, and a second one, that may be linked in using -u
on the linker command line. Linking in the second module will enable
uppercasing of filenames. This is similar to the current solution, but the
programmer may choose without having to use a modified runtime library. This
would need a highlighted warning in the Atari docs: "If you want to support
SpartaDOS 2.5 (or whatever it was), you MUST link with -u foobar".

I've also tried to come up with an idea for more linker intelligence to help
solve similar problems, but all I could think of requires large changes to the



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