Re: [cc65] Memory impact of Atari library compile time defines

From: Fatih Aygün <>
Date: 2009-11-26 16:38:12

Christian wrote:

> But when I saw Fatih's customized crt0.s which moves the
> ROM into the RAM beyond and reclaims some memory, I thought
> about a new "atarixl" target which does exactly this in the
> DOS INITAD routine (not taking space in the final exe).
> What do you think about a "atarixl" target?

As I explained before there are several issues that are difficult to handle
when using the extra xl ram. I still don't have any fool-proof solution for

I wrote:
> I'm not sure if serial input ready irq can handle the extra overhead in all 
> circumstances on the real hardware, it must be served very quickly, 
> especially with high speed devices)

It seems that it's not a problem. The switching works on my 800xl with the 
default 19200 kbps. I don't know how it would turn out with custom ROM 
with 57600 kbps SIO though.

Anyway, I'll adapt it to the new startup file, probably tomorrow.


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