Re: [cc65] TGI preview

From: Fatih AygŁn <>
Date: 2009-11-13 11:00:44
Hi, wrote:
> What is the total ram of your setup?

Atari has 36384 bytes of RAM when using the builtinconfig. The 320x192x2
graphics mode needs 7147 bytes plus 1601 bytes for the tgi driver proper.
The rest gets eaten up by the program itself and mostly by the fonts.

But I figured out that if I configure the emulator to act like an atari 800
with 52K of ram (instead of like an atari 130xe with 1088K of ram!), I have more 
memory and the tgi-preview runs out of the box.

That's because the 800 roms were smaller than the xl/xeroms and leaves more
room for linear memory. That space is not connected in a stock 800 that has
48K of ram but the emulator can be configured to use that too. I suppose one

can install real ram in a real machine to get the same setup.

With a custom startup and config, it should be possible to get a similar setup
with xl/xe machines, but not easily. One has to bank out the osrom and revector
the interrupts and os entries. I've done it several times, I'll see if I can put together
something that's generally useful.

> Does anyone here have the easy accessible possibility to verify this with original 
> Borland stuff?

Not currently, but my brother claims to remember that it was like this in the original


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