Re: [cc65] TGI blit (was: Colormania)

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-11-03 09:08:16
On Montag 02 November 2009, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Groepaz,
> > (because it must be converted to native format before it can be
> > displayed).
> Is there a specific reason for this? On the Apple2 people tend to use
> formats you can more or less memcpy() into the screen...

godot is an image manipulation program that runs on the c64... it uses that 
4bpp format so it can work on it without having to take the various 
restrictions of c64 graphics modes into account. that format has no practical 
use besides this - and ofcourse for pretty much all other uses people use the 
native format that you can simply copy to video memory.

> > personally i simply use my own =P
> For me working on cc65 has do to much with generalizing own knowhow
> from specific projects and making it available to others as a toolset.
> >From that perspective your own "bitmap converter" and the ideas
> discussed here don't seem to contradict - rather the opposite...

atleast for my stuff i can say... that the tools i am using are always tweaked 
for a specific application. the only useful "generic" converters are those 
that convert fullscreen graphics - anything else is almost certainly 
application specific.


The Scene always wins.

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