Re: [cc65] TGI blit (was: Colormania)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-11-02 17:54:06

> yes, thats not sprites ... thats just device independend bitmaps :)

I was rather thinking about device depended bitmaps...

>> However as I'm learning more and more the graphics screen
>> representation is so different that the idea of device independent
>> bitmaps surely creates way to much overhead for the loader. Therefore
>> some converter (or resource compiler) running on the cc65 host
>> platform seems in fact reasonable. Input would be some bmp/png/... and
>> output some device dependent bitmap.
> yes... but then again, atleast for the c64, tons of tools exist already to
> convert graphics to c64 format.. i dont see the need of yet another tool
> here :)

If there's a common single accepted format for a certain target then
it would seem reasonable to me to just add support for that format to
the TGI driver for that platform.

On the Apple2 there's such a format, but it's only for the full
graphics screen while here it's - afaik - about bitmaps in arbitrary
sizes. And the converters I know of for the Apple2 only process full
screens too.

Best, Oliver
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