Re: [cc65] Colormania (was: TGI summary)

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-11-02 17:32:44
Hi Uz,

>> I thought we were trying to come up with common color names, not
>> common color values...
> The discussion wasn't very clear and I was loosing track several times.

I see :-(

> What I
> thought was that we will try to find a common subset of colors if we can, and
> the remaining colors will go into target specific #defines.

The alternative would be to stay with target specific defines, but
agree on common names for "many" defines.

> You're right in
> that we don't really need the remapping in all cases, but for some platforms
> (like the Atari) it is already in place since it's needed to map WHITE => 1.

As far as I understand every platform with several drivers for
different color depth needs to implement remapping in all drivers but
the one(s) with least colors. This is the absolute minimum.

Up to now we tended to favor smaller/faster code over "clean" / common
defines. Just thinking about the videomode() discussion. So I'm just
asking myself why we should go here for more remapping than absolutely

Best, Oliver
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