Re: [cc65] Sunplus...

From: Ted Larson <>
Date: 2009-09-28 03:49:43


Thanks for the reply.  I recognize the situation with them is tricky.  This
is one of the reasons I was thinking about re-working the compiler portion
to emit assembly that can be assembled, and linked using their assembler and
linker.   This essentially gets around the problem, because it is not a
binary, and doesn't require really any proprietary knowledge to create.
Their linker seems to have lots of fixups in it in order to handle their
banked memory model properly.  Also, it would allow someone to use their
resource assembler, to embed resources as well.  Their chips are best suited
for applications that are doing sound playback.  They have tons of memory,
and almost all their chips have a hardware DAC on them.


I hope to have some time this week fiddling around with ways to mix their
assembly with the assembly emitted from the compiler to see what might be
the easiest way to mash something together that works.







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