Re: [cc65] Optimizer bug found

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-09-11 22:14:31
Hi Uz,

>> I explicitly classified the whole "mouse vs. text
>> mode" thing as non-urgent - at least from my perspective.

> Yes, I know. But chances are, if it doesn't go into this release, it may have
> to wait a long time.

I presumed that. Contiki has a simple, working

> And the problem with the TOD on the C64, C128 banking, the inttypes.h header
> file and all the other things from my list :-) Fortunately most are desirable
> but optional.

In case "C128 banking" means more RAM for straight cc65 programs then
that would indeed be great - and basically a prerequisite for a C128
(-> 80 column) Contiki web browser (or the new optimizer generates way
smaller code :-))

Best, Oliver
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