Re: [cc65] Optimizer bug found

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-09-11 21:47:02
Hi Uz,

> The bad news is that more and more suggestions and wishes are coming in and I
> have less time to discuss and implement them. If I look at my todo list, I
> would say it's at least 5-6 weeks until the new release.

Just a reminder: I explicitly classified the whole "mouse vs. text
mode" thing as non-urgent - at least from my perspective.

> The most important
> thing is to get this last (and all following very last) compiler bug(s) fixed,

That's for sure - and the very reason for my yesterday's Contiki bug
hunting session.

> so I can get the compiler out of my mind and concentrate on drivers and
> library.

... and the benchmark topic you brought up yourself so recklessly ;-)

Best, Oliver
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