Re: [cc65] Re: New 80 col switch API

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-09-08 16:23:33
Hi Uz,

> Do you think, we can make argument and return code an unsigned,

While following this thread this approach came into my mind as well.

> and change the
> #define names to VIDEOMODE_80x25 and VIDEOMODE_40x25 respectively? This would
> give more comfortable upgrade path if required later, while there are no real
> disadvantages now.

On the Apple //e for example the correct names would be
VIDEOMODE_80x24 and VIDEOMODE_40x24 respectively. Therefore I
suggested in a previous posting to have both:

#define VIDEOMODE_40x?? 0x00??
#define VIDEOMODE_80x?? 0x00??


The latter could be used for target independent programs.

Just think about a "non-conio, scrolling output" program displaying
for example log entries (like i.e. a webserver ;-) just wanting to
benefit from longer lines not wrapping - if available.

A conio program on the other hand could call screensize() after
videomode(VIDEOMODE_80COL) to adjust its display dynamically - like
i.e. the hello-world sample already does.

> I would then just ignore the high byte of the passed
> argument in the C128 routine. The result is already returned in a/x so at
> least for the C128, there wouldn't be any code changes.

The Apple //e code might even benefit from X known to be zero on entry :-)

Best, Oliver
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