Re: [cc65] two little bugs

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-20 22:00:47
Hi Uz,

First of all thanks for the quick and comprehensive answer :-)

> Yes it's intended.

I see.

> If you have old sources, you may use "--standard c89" to accept things like
> mussing function declarations. The disadvantage is that this will also disable
> C99 and cc65 extensions.

Which afaik includes popular things like '//' comments - thanks for
the hint anyway.

I'm far from having an overview but just the two changes
a) startup code in library
b) undef'ed functions trigger error
imply quite some incompatibility compared to the latest official
release. Especially a) means that I can't have a makefile working both
with the latest release and the latest snapshot.

From that perspective I'd suggest to create a new official cc65
release to clearly define (and document) a) and b) as "the" cc65
behaviour. Then one could change the makefiles instead of
communicating statements like "but don't dare to use a snapshot" or
"be sure to use the latest snapshot".

Just my two cents, Oliver
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