Re: [cc65] Apple //e time() and printer support.

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-14 11:00:01

> 2.  How do I output to a printer?  With Aztec C I just have to open "pr:"
> and use fprintf.

cc65 C-Libraries generally don't follow the paradigm of virtual files
for devices.

> What is the equivalent with cc65?

The cc65 style for printer output support would be a driver interface
similiar to the exsisting serial/joystick/mouse/extended-memory
interfaces. However there's currently no such interface.

> Again looking for an
> example.

The method described in section
"10. Use constants to access absolute memory locations" could be used
to directly access the two I/O ports for checking the printer
readiness and sending a character to the printer. These two locations
may of course vary between different printer cards.

The general benefit of this low level access to the printer is that
you can check the keyboard in your "wait for printer readiness to send
next char"-loop allowing the user to abort at any time.

Best, Oliver
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