Re: [cc65] Apple //e time() and printer support.

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-14 10:46:04

>> 1.  time() always returns -1.  My //e emulator has a time card and it works
>> with Aztec C.  Is time() implemented in cc65 for the Apple //e?  If so, what
>> am I missing?  Is there an example I can look at?
> Oliver will probably answer your questions in more depth. All I can do is to
> look into the library source, and it says:
>        ; Update time
>        lda     #GET_TIME_CALL
>        ldx     #GET_TIME_COUNT
>        jsr     callmli
>        bcs     err

@Uz: Thanks for checking out...

When I was about to implement time() I discussed the two options with Uz:

1. Go straight to the bare metal:
+ Delivers seconds, works independent from OS
- Needs n implementations for n clocks

2. Go through the ProDOS MLI:
+ No hardware dependency
- Only works with ProDOS, no seconds

We decided together to go for option 2.

Therefore most likely your problem is that you're not running ProDOS.

Best, Oliver
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