[cc65] creating new output target platform for cc65 - Arcade Hardware

From: steve-cc65 <steve-cc651arcadehacking.com>
Date: 2009-01-24 02:38:11
Hi Guys,

This may be more of a question for the compiler development list but I 
am interested in creating a new output target type for the cc65 compiler 
.  So far the info I have dug up online is disorganized and distributed 
across better than a hundred different mailing list posts.  Maybe I am 
looking in the wrong place?  Is there a good, organized tutorial on 
getting started?

My target platform the old Atari Coin-Op Arcade hardware.  I have done 
quite a bit of 6502 assembly programming and burning my own roms but 
even with extensive macros, coding is slow going.  I am hoping to use 
cc65 to speed up my development and make the task easy enough that 
others may take up coding for these machines.

I have been working with the \src\ld65\cfg\atari.cfg as a base for 
customizing to my hardware requirements.  Additional info on the .cfg 
usage and maybe someone willing to review my revisions to make sure I'm 
on the wright track would be extremely helpful.  My preferred 
development platform is windows because of my pre-existing tools but I 
have Linux workstations as well.

Again, I realize this may be geared more towards development than usage 
of cc65 so feel free to point me to a better place to discuss this!

Thanks -- Steve

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