[cc65] Stack adressing

From: Jonathan MASUR <jmasur1microclub.ch>
Date: 2009-01-19 16:14:26
Is there a way to change the way CC65 adress stack so instead of doing 
indirect adressing :
"lda [StackPtr],Y"

It would use some direct adressing to produce faster code :
"lda Stack,Y"

Of course the stack would be limited to 256 bytes, but at least it would 
be much faster, and fixing the stack pointer would also be faster as it 
would only involve some "iny" or "dey".

It could even be done that for words, the stack for hi-bytes is not the 
same for low bytes, so it would end up doing something like :
ldx StackHi,Y
lda StackLo,Y

which would probably be much faster than what CC65 currently does, and 
would push the limit to 512 bytes.

I guess I would have to look tough the sources of CC65 and change them 
so it does that, but I really am not competent enough to do such a thing.

Thanks for listening to me.
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