[cc65] Patch for linuxdoc documentation

From: Spiro Trikaliotis <ml-cc651trikaliotis.net>
Date: 2009-01-18 15:26:51

as I just wanted to generate a new Debian package from SVN, I found out
that the documentation does not completely compile. I stripped down the
relevant parts of the errors, see file cc65-svn3907.err.gz.

I worked through it and created a patch which fixes all of this, cf.

Note: I am no LinuxDoc expert; however, now it compiles.

(BTW: does anyone know how I can debug such issues? The linuxdoc tools
present some arbitrary line number which does not reflect the actual
line numbers in the file. Thus, it is always a blind guessing)

What did I fix?

1. lynx.sgml: Some 'R' and the like have been changed to `R'.

2. co65.sgml: LinuxDoc does not like the title "Examples: ..." - it
   seems it does not like the colon. I replaced it with "Examples -

3. cbm510.sgml, cbm610.sgml: There are two <sect1> with the name
   "Interrupts". Although they appear in different <sect>, it seems
   LinuxDoc does not like this. I renamed one of the <sect1> in order to
   fix this.

4. ca65.sgml:
   * like cbm510.sgml with <sect1> of "Overview".
   * I replaced some '...' with `...' (at first, I thought this was the
     problem but I was wrong here)
   * the weird errors are fixed by adding some (empty) comments at the
     end of some files. To make them easier recognisable, I added "SRT"
     (<!--SRT -->). Please, don't ask my *why* this fixes these issues,
     but it fixes them, anyway.

5. apple2.sgml, apple2enh.sgml: Same as in 1.

Uz, if you like the patches, feel free to apply these to your SVN.


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                              http://opencbm.sf.net/
http://www.trikaliotis.net/                     http://www.viceteam.org/

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