Re: [cc65] NES specific - memory space

From: Tachdaun <>
Date: 2009-01-14 17:11:48
Yes, I'm doing that to enable CHR-RAM, instead of ROM.
I was asking because I'm still trying to understand this.

So, if one wouldn't use $6000 Save RAM, in theory, the only space for RAM would be $0200 to $07FF
right? It's too little! :'(   ( at least with memory mapper 0 )

For now, using Save RAM for extra RAM looks like a great idea to me too. =D


Groepaz wrote:
On Sonntag 11 Januar 2009, Tachdaun wrote:
Hi, this one is for Groepaz:

I've noted that global variables begin in address $6000, which is the
area of Save RAM, that's why emulators create a .sav file when you run
programs that use global variables.

Then local variables take addresses starting from $07FF going downwards,
this memory area should be the RAM itself.

Am I right?
why is not $100 to $1FF used for stack, and why is Save RAM used for
global variables?

using save ram was an arbitrary decision, it just was a quick and dirty way of 
getting a memory setup that worked for me :) if you want to change it, simply 
look at the default nes linker script and modify it.

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