[cc65] Help req. creating C-Boost!

From: <Maspethrose71aol.com>
Date: 2009-01-11 19:11:40
As some probably already know, I am in the process of creating C code  
template software, called C-Boost.  It is in the Alpha stages but has some  
usefulness.  I need help.  Creating all the templates for the code is  very involved 
work, and I don't think one person alone can do it.  C-Boost  works in two 
ways.  First, it writes code at run-time (smart-code, for  headers and such).  
Secondly, it adds template files to the output,  replacing key-words with values. 
 This method makes it easier to edit  template code and reduces the size of 
the executable. For CBM/cc65, I wrote  routines to handle file-access, text 
document-editing and the main module.   I am looking for donations of any 
template file people would find useful.   I am willing to e-mail some example code to 
anybody who asks to give you an idea  of what I'm looking for.  If you want a 
copy, either respond to this thread  or e-mail me directly, starting the 
subject with "To Joseph" as I share an  e-mail address.  I am preparing the 
example distribution  now.
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