[cc65] OT: Template Creator for DOS

From: <Maspethrose71aol.com>
Date: 2009-01-11 17:16:47
Template Creator for DOS (TmpCreat for short) is a program that allows you  
to create and manage templates under DOS.  If you need to use templates  with 
cc65 (i.e. a module to be included with several programs), this program can  
help.  It works with Win32, also.  Simply make a short-cut to this  program 
wherever you need templates.  I am advertizing here because I think  some cc65 
programmers might use it and I didn't get good results anywhere  else.  It is at 
simtel.net.  Just search for "Template Creator for  DOS" and you will find it. 
 If you like it or have any feedback,  please reply.
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