Re: [cc65] Compiler Bug (?)

From: <>
Date: 2008-03-31 21:59:36
On 2008-03-31, at 20:13, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>> A small question/suggestion: wouldn't it be worth migrating the code
>> repository to SVN and setting up read-only access for anonymous  
>> users?
>> I know it's not a trivial task, when there is an automated build
>> system scripted around CVS but probably not _that_ difficult too, and
>> in the long run it would IMHO be more "future-proof" and would
>> certainly help all the users in keeping up to date when needed and
>> "down to date" when something gets wrong with the bleeding edge  
>> version.
> I'm introduced SVN at the place where I'm currently working, and I'm  
> quite
> happy with it. Especially the windows client, TortoiseSVN, is a  
> really cool
> piece of software. I don't know if there is a similar thing for  
> Linux but I
> sure hope so.

I know TortoiseSVN but I haven't seen anything similar for Linux.  
Frankly - I use command line with couple of aliases (svi, svs, svu,  
etc.) to do most SVN related work. I use GUI client only to  
(re)organise directories. I shortly used something remotely similar to  
TortoiseSVN under OS X, though.

> Importing CVS archives is a snap using cvs2svn.
> So yes, I've already thought about a change myself. Converting the  
> build
> script is rather easy - it does nothing more than checking if there  
> are
> changes between now and the time of the last run. If there are  
> changes, it
> checks out the complete head branch and starts the build. The two CVS
> operations are easy to "translate" into SVN.

Great! I was hoping for something easily transferrable. I have  
something similar used to create off-site backups of the SVN  
repository. Those get created and uploaded only if changes are  
introduced since the time of the last backup but I could easily hook  
it up to do something else.

> So let's see what happens:-)

Looking ahead! :-)

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