Re: [cc65] Compiler Bug (?)

From: <>
Date: 2008-03-31 14:13:47
On 2008-03-29, at 14:18, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

>> A new snapshot is currently being built.
> Great user support - as always :-)

Ditto! ;-)

A small question/suggestion: wouldn't it be worth migrating the code  
repository to SVN and setting up read-only access for anonymous users?  
I know it's not a trivial task, when there is an automated build  
system scripted around CVS but probably not _that_ difficult too, and  
in the long run it would IMHO be more "future-proof" and would  
certainly help all the users in keeping up to date when needed and  
"down to date" when something gets wrong with the bleeding edge version.

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