Re: [cc65] C64, Interrupt and in need of an example

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2008-03-05 15:32:46
From: "Markus Stehr" on Wednesday, February 27, 2008; at 07:39 PM -0500
> Could someone please provide me with an usable example for an interrupt
> handler for the C64?  I have been reading the manual, and asked Google
> for 2 hours now; and, I am as clueless as I was 2 hours ago.
> I need this for the BunkerParty Invitro [nobody else volunteered, so I
> am doing it again, but this time in C and not ASM. ;) ]; and, I need that
> IRQ for the music.

Here is almost exactly what you need:

My code is similar to MagerValp's code, but I use CC65's actors
(constructor, destructor, and interruptor).  That archive has C-language
versions of two of the example programs in the Goattracker2 music editor

(I say "almost" because the code actually is designed for a modification
that I did to an old revision of Goattracker.  It can create CA65
source-code files of its songs.  They can be assembled and linked directly
into a program -- there is no need to worry about where to put the song in
RAM, and the player is a group of "standard" CC65 functions.  So, you would
need to change my code into a form that can use the binary files that
published music-editors produce.)

By the way, my code originally used "--VIC.irr;" to acknowledge the
interrupt; MagerValp's code uses an assignment.  After thinking about it for
awhile, I realized that my code would not work on a SuperCPU (because it
exploits a 6502 defect that does not exist in the 65SC816).  Thanks for
alerting me, MagerValp.

> And, a second question, how can I deactivate the charset change at
> startup?
> Even with a "VIC.addr = 20;" at the start, you still can see the change
> for a split second.
> I am using my own charset later on, but I am clearing the screen in some
> non-standard way, and I need the screen in its original form.

There is no easy way to do it!  That "flip" is built into the start-up code
[it is the second thing that the program does -- long before it runs
main()].  You would need to get the source-code file ("libsrc/c64/crt0.s"),
remove the two lines that switch to lower-/upper-case, assemble it, and then
link it to your program, in place of "c64.o" -- use ld65 instead of cl65
when you link them.

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