[cc65] C64, Interrupt and in need of an example

From: Markus Stehr <bastetfurry1ircnet.de>
Date: 2008-02-28 01:39:51

Could someone please provide me with an usable example for an interrupt
for the C64? I have been reading the manual and asked Google for 2 hours
now and i am as clueless as i was 2 hours ago.

I need this for the BunkerParty Invitro (nobody else volunteered, so i
am doing it again, but this time in C and not ASM ;) ) and i need that
IRQ for the music.

And a second question, how can i deactivate the charset change at
Even with a "VIC.addr = 20;" at the start you can still see the change
for a split second.
I am using my own charset later on, but i am clearing the screen in some
non standard way and i need the screen in its original form.

I will release the complete code under BSD or GPL (still undecided...)
after the release at Breakpoint'08.


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