Re: [cc65] Questions for CBM guys

From: <>
Date: 2008-03-02 18:51:10
On 2008-03-02, at 13:11, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> - The C64 (and C128 ?) Kernal allows for 15 open files,

This is suspicious, probably wrong. The LAT, FAT, and SAT tables in  
the 64 are only big enough to accommodate maximum ten files open  
simultaneously. Since I remember that those ten do not count keyboard  
(stdin) and screen (stdout), we are at the level of 12 files  
altogether. Maybe I am missing something and there are more "standard"  
files which are not counted in the above mentioned tables as to reach  
the limit of 15 files but for sure one doesn't open in a KERNAL-legal  
way more than ten "own" files at the same time as neither there is  
space for the params nor the parts of OPEN subroutine, which check the  
number of open files let you do it.

> - There are Kernal entry points available both for the C64 and C128 to
> allow for direct printing to the screen bypassing the file/channel
> abstraction layer.

Screen - yes. It's the easiest and somewhat privileged output channel.

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