Re: [cc65] Questions for CBM guys

From: Spiro Trikaliotis <>
Date: 2008-03-02 14:21:13
Hello Oliver,

* On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 01:11:09PM +0100 Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> - The cc65 C-library POSIX functions allow for 8 open files, 3 being
> preopened as stdin, stdout and stderr. Closing those 3 allows for 8
> disk files.

I am not sure here and will let others answer this question.

> - The C64 (and C128 ?) Kernal allows for 15 open files, 2 being
> reserved for "stdin" and "stdout". So it allows for 13 disk files.


The C64 KERNAL allows for 10 open files at a time. Here, stdin and
stdout do NOT count.

> - Most (propably all) drives allow for 3 open sequential files.

2031, 154x and 157x: Yes. I am not sure about the 1581, though.

> - There are Kernal entry points available both for the C64 and C128 to
> allow for direct printing to the screen bypassing the file/channel
> abstraction layer.


> So there's no real point in
> bypassing them for screen output.

Especially thinking about "How much" code you are bypassing, it is
seldom woth the trouble.

Take for example the C64 KERNAL:

FFD2 JMP ($0326)   ; this points to $F1CA

F1CA PHA           ; remember char to output
F1CB LDA $9A       ; get device no. of device to output to
F1CD CMP #$03      ; is it device 3 (screen)?
F1CF BNE $F1D5     ; no, test for others
F1D1 PLA           ; get back char to output
F1D2 JMP $E716     ; output on screen
F1D5 ...           ; starting here, test if the output goes to TAPE,
                   ; RS232, or IEC bus

The code is identical for the C128; only the locations are different:
$0326 points to $EF79, and the equivalent of $F1D2 ($CF81) jumps to
$C00C. Even the location $9A for the device no of the output device is

The VIC20 is the same, only other locations in $0326 and for $E716.

The plus/4 is similar ($99 instead of $9A, and the pointer in $0326 can
be found at $0324 and points to $EC4B).

Even the PETs have similar code with other locations ($B0 instead of
$9A in KERNAL4).

Thus, personally, I would rather still use $FFD2. If I want to do some
hack, I would rather temporarily change $9A (or whichever location it is
on another computer).


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               
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