Re: [cc65] Re: wprot? cc65 change?

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2006-11-03 09:46:28
From: Johan Kotlinski; on Thursday, November 02, 2006; at 02:53 PM -0500
> > First  problem I get is with "STARTUP: load = BASIC, type = wprot;",
> > where it says "Error: type expected".  After changing from
> > wprot to ro, I get an overflow in BASIC/STARTUP with 52 bytes.  And,
> > after growing BASIC memory, it complaints about unresolved externals
> > referenced from "callirq.s".
> Well, of course, I got it working now, by adding INTERRUPTOR_COUNT and
> INTERRUPTOR_TABLE to the features list. :-)
> Now, the question is, why I had to add this unknown "feature", and grow
> BASIC area.  And, how does it make my life better?  I guess there has
> to be a good reason.

"wprot" and "wp" was a feature that could be used when debugging programs
in the VICE emulator.  But, it was removed from VICE; so, Uz took it out of

Interruptors are a recent addition to the cc65 system.  They are mentioned
in the ca65 and ld65 documents -- briefly.  They provide a way to use
interrupt-handlers that is easier than the traditional method.  You don't
need to write as much code to connect those handlers to a platform's
interrupt mechanism -- most of that code already is in the library.  You
can make your handlers look like "ordinary" subroutines.

The graphics, joystick, mouse, and serial-port drivers use interruptors.
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