[cc65] Cc65 environment on a pen drive

From: Karri Kaksonen <karri1sipo.fi>
Date: 2006-08-21 09:31:56
I bought a SanDisk U3 512M pen drive and experimented a bit with how to 
create portable applications for it.

What I have in mind is to pack several unix utilities like "make, grep, 
echo, cat, rm, ls" compiled as native Windows binaries together with the 
cc65 tools on the pen drive. In this way I can edit the projects using 
Makefiles in Linux and Windows without a need to change anything.

When you insert the drive it provides a launch pad from where you launch 
a /bin/sh that has the environment variables set up correctly. Then you 
can edit and build your project on the pen drive and when you remove the 
pen drive all the traces of cc65 are wiped out from the computer you 
just used.

Has someone already done this?

It would also be nice to add cc65 and 6502 assembler mnemonics and 
config file formats to Scintilla (a free source code editing component 
with syntax styling, error indication and code completion . The keyword 
files that need to be changed are at 
http://scintilla.cvs.sourceforge.net/scintilla/scite/src/ ). Then the 
windows binary Sc170.exe could also be added to the pen drive as a 
default editor for C-code and 6502 assembly code.

Perhaps I could add some pre-packed portable U3 modules to the contrib tree?
Named like cc65-win32-2.11.0-1.u3p and scintilla-cc65.u3p.

You also need a debugger and an emulator but these are more platform 
Karri, who loves to carry his build environment and hobby projects in 
his key chain.

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