[cc65] More on the prototype bug

From: Andrew J. Kroll <forge1dr.ea.ms>
Date: 2006-03-31 20:55:32
I turned on the important debugging and captured the following data.

Left : 00AE B4A8 9010 8000 8000 8000 006D 0121
Right: 00AE B738 9010 8000 8000 8000 006D 0121
Note these bits here cause the error message to apear.

What are the meaning of those bits? 
I've tried to go thru the include files in the source for difinitions, 
but they don't seem to be meaningful when I decode them.

Here's the testcase again, incase anyone else wishes to see what is going
on. Sometimes it helps to have an extra set of eyes on the bug.

extern char *foo(char *,int); /* prototype the function */

/* K&R function declaration to cause error */
char *foo(letter, number)
char *letter;
int number;
errors.c(6): Error: Conflicting types for `foo'

The reason I'd like to weed out this annoyance is so that I may cross
compile my TCP/IP stack to yet more platforms. When it is capable of
compiling, I'll be more than happy to post a link from the stack's web page
to the cc65 page.

The URL for the project is: http://tcp.dr.ea.ms/ if you are curious and want
to check it out for yourself. I wouldn't need K&R style code (and originally
didn't have it) if it were not for BCC being so brain dead.

Andrew J. Kroll
Software and Hardware Engineer and Consultant
Grafixoft http://dr.ea.ms/HW/
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