Re: [cc65] Target "BBC"

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2005-03-30 22:12:18
On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 10:09:43PM +0200, Kolja Nikolaus Sträter wrote:
> While it's true that the lower and upper bounds of memory are somewhat
> variable, they don't vary once you have decided on a screen mode and
> filing system, which after all is usually the case.
> For example, I want to be able to use the highest resolution mode, and
> tape only, so the available memory is from $E00 to $3000.

This is a similar situation as on other machines, and it is easy to handle:
Just compile the program for a standard setup. Other setups need a relink with
a changed linker config, but no program changes. I cannot see problems for the
startup code arising from this.



Ullrich von Bassewitz                        
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