Re: [cc65] Target "BBC"

From: Kolja Nikolaus Sträter <>
Date: 2005-03-30 22:09:43
While it's true that the lower and upper bounds of memory are somewhat 
variable, they don't vary once you have decided on a screen mode and 
filing system, which after all is usually the case.
For example, I want to be able to use the highest resolution mode, and 
tape only, so the available memory is from $E00 to $3000.
The other, more fixed way, is to load into sidways RAM, which has the 
fixed 16K block.

Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 08:15:47PM +0100, Stephen Thomas wrote:
>>I started looking into supporting the BBC some months ago. Sadly, other
>>things intruded (not least of which was a new addition to my family) and
>>I've had to put it to one side for now. However, I had come to the
>>conclusion that supporting the BBC might prove to be more awkward than
>>it seems at first sight, because the base and end addresses of the
>>program load area are essentially unknown until runtime - the screen
>>sits at the top of RAM, taking a mode-dependent amount of memory, while
>>the OS nabs memory from the lowest addresses - the precise amount
>>depending on what filing systems are in use.
> That's hard to believe, because not only cc65 generated programs, but *all*
> programs would have to live with not knowing their load and start address.
> This would require some sort of relocation, which would be very unusual for
> 6502 machines. How do you load other machine language programs on this
> machine?
> Regards
>         Uz

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