[cc65] 65816 compiler revisited

From: Chris Cureau <ccureau1i-55.com>
Date: 2005-03-30 19:07:15
Hi there!

I've gone through some past threads on this list regarding the code 
generation and memory management aspects of the compiler, and how it is 
specifically targeted to 65xx processors.  It looks like it would be a 
considerable bit of work to get the compiler to produce 65xx and 65816 
code from the same executable -- not impossible, but very probably messy 

My question is whether it would be easier to create a separate compiler 
(a la cc816) that shares common functions with cc65.  The memory 
management and code generation could be separate in this way, and should 
not interfere too much with the way the compiler currently works.

Any ideas on this?  Or interest in working on this besides me? :-)

Chris Cureau
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