Re: [cc65] Apple2 file io - here: memory management questions

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2004-07-31 15:48:04

> > 1. scenario: DOS 3.3
> [...]
> > 2. scenario: DOS 3.3 in upper memory
> [...]
> > 3. scenario: ProDOS 8 with command interpreter
> [...]
> > 4. scenario: ProDOS 8 without command interpreter
> [...]

> Please note that I'm not critizing your explanations. They are elaborated
> very understandable. But when I read it, my thoughts were "do we really
> to consider all this for a first working solution?".

Of course they don't need to be considered for the first (and surely even
second) working solution. The only reason I brought them up was that You
wrote about potentially changing the linker behaviour regarding several
libraries. And I wanted to make sure that you have an overview of what is
needed down the end of the road beforehand.

Sorry for complicating the discussion at a probably to early stage. Anyway
the facts are now persisted in the mailing list archive for potential later


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