[cc65] getting wet with the cc65

From: <FanDome1231aol.com>
Date: 2004-06-12 11:03:38
I just downloaded the cc65 last week and getting my feet wet.

I already compiled a program but I got to transfer it to my 1541 in order to 
test it....well,  I guess I could use a emulator on the pc but that's 
cheating.  I am really excited about this cc65 !  I will use my dos 6.0 pc to develop 
code for my c128.

Finally something fun to do on a PC--make code for commodores!!!

My hat's are off to all of you who had something to do with CC65...
I have read the function list and it looks very thought out!

ONE MAJOR QUESTION...is there a large .DOC or .TXT file that has all the 
instructions?  I don't like each page in HTML format...


Thomas P. Metzger
commie fan
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