Re: [cc65] built in debugger on Apple platform

From: Apple2Stuff <>
Date: 2004-04-08 05:49:33
Scott Alfter wrote:

> Hmm...this is the Monitor you're talking about, right?  I found this:

  Nope ...  Ullrich developed an integrated debugger that you can link into
  your code. It is part of the library and it takes about 8K of ram. Unless
 I missed it  ... it is not  really documented anywhere except in the header
 file of the code itself  "include/dbg.h" also check out the libsrc/dbg

  To use it, you place a dbginit() function call at the beginning of your
 code  and then  you place a BRK instruction where you would like
 it to stop initialy. From that point on you can skip the BRK and single
 step through  the code, set break points, run to  the cursor etc. ? gives
 you a help screen.

  If you try it out let me know if you have some of the same issues I ran

btw did you get my email re olimex? from a couple or weeks ago?

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