Re: [cc65] New to cc65 and missing functions in documentation?

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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2003-11-13 14:29:48

>>>>> "WR" == Wurttemberg, Raj <> writes:

WR> Please don't beat me up for this... The hello.c sample program
WR> uses two functions that I did not see in the function reference,
WR> cputc, and cprintf. I know what they do, :) but are these
WR> documented somewhere?

The conio documentation is rather incomplete:

but if you open cc65/include/conio.h you'll find plenty of comments
next to every function prototype. It's fairly self explanatory, but
there's one big gotcha: it doesn't handle screen scrolling. If you
print text outside the screen, you'll overwrite memory and most likely

Oh, and the reason you want to use conio instead of stdio is perfor-
mance. The conio functions are smaller and faster.

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