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From: Keates, Mark (
Date: 2003-11-04 10:35:10

Hi Spiro,

> As I've played a little bit with the evaluation version of IDA Pro, I
> ask myself if you can help me with the following:
> 1. How easy is it to put the output into CA65 & LD65? As I see it, IDA
>    Pro uses some proprietary assembler as output format. Is it easy
>    convertable into CA65 format? I cannot test it because the 
>    evaluation version does not allow saving the results.

This doesn't take much work with an editor such as Textpad -
a few regular expression substitutions and you're away.
IDA misses a few 6502 conversions, e.g. indirect addresses,
and these need to be translated to labels manually. 
This process is sped up with regular expression searching
(I have about 6 patterns that cover everything, one day
I'll turn this into a script).
> 2. Assume you have something like
>    $1230        LDA #$34 ; Low-Byte of $1234
>    $1232        LDX #$12 ; High-Byte of $1234
>    $1234 LABEL: .BYTE <blabla>
>    (which obviously would not compile!)
>    How do I tell IDA to treat the immediate values is low- and
>    high-bytes of the LABEL? I found out there is an option to tell it
>    "Low" or "High" byte of some address, but I don't see the output
>    changing to anything like LDA #<LABEL or LDX #>LABEL. It 
>    seems to me that I don't use this option correctly, do I?

This I do as a manual process once I've got the original
code assembled under CA65. This could be automated to an extent
but may catch intances you don't wish to be converted?
I recall using the 'manual' operand override to correct these 
within IDA, but I've just checked this on my current version 
and this doesn't seem supported for 6502 :-(

> BTW: IDAFW37.ZIP does not help since it does not support 
> non-intel CPUs.

Are you using the original DOS only freeware version - 
that definitely supported 6502. This was just called IDAFW.ZIP
and maybe on a Simtel mirror somewhere.

> Thanks for your time,
>    Spiro.

No problem,


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