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From: Greg King (
Date: 2003-03-19 19:04:44

From: Groepaz
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2003, 11:20 PM
> I've knocked up the opendir/readdir/etc. stuff, have a look
> at "dirtest.c" on the ftp.  It's basically complete and working,
> except that it currently is using cbm_open()/_read(), etc.
> instead of open()/read(), due to the USR-file problem.
> [Is that fixed in the latest snapshot?  I have to admit
> that the one I am using is some weeks old. :=)]

It is fixed, but that fact doesn't matter.  We must use cbm_open(), for a
different reason:  open() starts with a secondary-address of three, and
counts up.  But, the CBM-version of opendir() must use an address of zero,
so that it will get directory-data in the universally-available
BASIC-program format.

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